Mini Masterminds

I know some amazing business people with incredible skill sets who can really help you get ahead in your business. During these Mini-Mastermind recorded interviews some of my favourite business experts share some special insights and immediately actionable tips to help you achieve even greater success in your business.

The Mini-Mastermind interviews are between ten and twenty minutes long, so pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, a pen and some paper and get ready to receive some incredible bsuiness-boosting advice!

Why You Should Think About Writing A Business Book

Publishing expert Sue Richardson explains why writing your business book could be the best marketing investment you ever make. She also shares the steps to take to start your first book and check out her free resources too.
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Why Should Businesses Have An E-Newsletter?

Best-selling marketing author Kim O’Rourke started her career working for top London marketing agencies with a host of blue-chip clients to her name. She is a big advocate of e-newsletters and in this Mini-Mastermind recording Kim shares her expert tips an insights into using e-newsletters to achieve great results in your business.

Get Business From Linked In

Jill Chitty knows more about how to use Linked In than anyone else I know! She knows the ‘ninja tricks’ that elude most of us & gets tons of business from using this platform effectively. In just 15 minutes, Jill shares loads of tips for how to get leads and win business through Linked In.
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Finding Your Niche

Simon Bennett built his multiple award-winning castle hotel business from scratch with his wife whilst bringing up two very young children. Their success came from finding and optimising a niche. Simon shares some insights.

Top Tips For Writing Great Copy For Your Business

So much of our marketing activity relies on the words we use to convey important messages to potential customers. Copywriter Catherine Every knows how important words are for businesses, and in this mini-mastermind session she gives her top tips for writing great copy for use in websites, promotional materials etc.
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Getting More Of What You Want In Your Business

There’s a lot written about the ‘Law of Attraction’ and its role in helping to develop a mindset of abundance and success in business. Ellen Watts shares her own techniques for getting more of what you want in business and life!
Getting More Of What You Want In Your Business PDF

Using Social Media To Market Your Business

Chrissie Webber isn’t your usual social media specialist. Her unique strength is in using social media strategically to build relationships at distance with your target customers.
Using Social Media To Market Your Business PDF

How To Improve Your Online Marketing

Ian Spencer knows a thing or two about getting customers using the internet. He’s accredited by Google and Bing and shares his top tips for improving your online marketing.
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