Business Plan On A Page

Business Plan On A Page

Whether you are starting out in business or have been trading for several years, I think that having your business plan written and clear in your mind is vital. A full business plan template is provided as part of The Ten Week Start Up training programme and this goes into a fair amount of detail concerning what you are selling, who you are selling to, what your market research shows, your marketing plan, finances etc etc. If you don’t have time to write a full business plan then it can be surprising how doing a mini version can still have a very positive impact.

What’s the point of a business plan? Well I am sure you have heard the old saying:

‘if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?”

To me, the business plan is your map that starts you on your journey. You can of course change your route and take diversions. You can even change your destination – flexibility is key! But the important point is that some sort of direction is vital to ensure that your efforts and investment are going into the right activities

I created this Business Plan On A Page template as a management resource to focus my business clients on what they are aiming to achieve with their business. The questions are designed to test your assumptions and to check you have asked yourself the right questions that will help you to develop your niche, to stand out from competition and to create products and services that will sell.

You can download your own template for the Business Plan On A Page here:

business plan on a page download

What will you learn by completing the Business Plan On A Page?
Well – other clients have told me that it focused them on:

  • recognizing the problems that clients have that they can solve with their products or services
  • refining the way that they describe their business, focusing on the benefits rather than the features of their products and services
  • looking at where their customers are, and therefore how to get in front of them
  • developing their niche, so that they stand out from other competitors

Remember – its never too late to learn new skills that will help you build an amazing business. Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

You can find more free resources to help you build your business here, all with my compliments 🙂