How To Make This Year The Best One Yet In Your Business

Run to success

I don’t know about you, but as the chimes of New Year faded, my social media feeds seemed to be crammed full of various posts inviting me to get on board with different challenges, programmes or workshops, all promising to help me achieve my ‘best year yet’. Some of these posts related to getting the mindset for success, others promised me the formula for success, one or two promised me a few special secrets of success.

Firstly – I see these posts every year, with the same promises Read more…..

Why Multi-Tasking Ain’t That Clever After All!

Broken China

I sometimes struggle with too many plates spinning at once. If you ever find yourself in the same situation you will understand why the metaphor of ‘plates spinning’ is perfect for that feeling you get when there’s just too many things that demand your time at the same time.

Have you ever seen those performers who spin plates on the top of large spikey poles? The only way to keep the plate balancing on top of the spike and not falling off and smashing into pieces, is to spin the plate. Read more…..

Six Strategies To Guarantee Success In 2016

Run to success

It is a bold statement to claim that you can guarantee success. I would have thought the same, but after a year of working with my strategic business development group, Adeptio, I have now had the opportunity to observe, analyse and really explore the behaviours and practices that can guarantee success in a business.

From working with a group of like-minded ambitious businesses via Adeptio it has become very apparent that success is there for everyone, if you are prepared to commit Read more…..