Five & A Half VITAL Mid-Year Review Questions To Accelerate, Rejuvenate & Motivate

Run to success

I know that you know this, but I feel I need to point out that five months of the year have passed, and we are nearly half way through this year.

Back in January in those distant & dark months, you will have begun the year with some ideas of what you wanted to be different in your business this year. You will have had some specific goals no doubt, some general areas where you want to improve and maybe, just maybe you had something HUGE that you wanted to achieve this year. Let’s call this your ‘biggie’! Read more…..

How To Get From ‘A to B’

Run to success

I was working with a client today – we had named our session ‘the road map to expansion’ and the aim of our session together was to create a clear pathway from where they are now to where they want to be in the future. It was incredible what came out of our 2 hours together. My client has left with a clearly defined future position and has specific actions to take in their business in order to start manoeuvring things in the right direction right away. How to get from a to b is now significantly clearer for them, and that means that they can take the right decisions Read more…..

How Do You Rate 2015? Successful?

Winner on mountain top. Sport and active life concept

Often when we think about success, we fall into the habit of defining it in very limited terms, usually financial. It is difficult not to really…especially since in business, it is increasing sales and profitability that usually indicates whether a business is successful or not.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with defining success in terms of £’s or $’s. It is just that success can appear in different forms and be equally as impressive. In businesses of all shapes and sizes, Read more…..