Q – What is Business Skills Studio?

Good question! Business Skills Studio was founded by Miranda Jenkins of Skills to Go, and established and successful training business with 15 years of clients from the corporate and small business sector. Whereas Skills to Go was largely about growing businesses via face to face training workshops, Miranda wanted to be able to deliver more affordable support, flexibly to more people at distance – hence the idea of starting Business Skills Studio!

Q – So what does BSS offer?

Through the BSS website we aim to offer affordable, accessible & relevant skills support for the amazing entrepreneurs who take the step to start their own journey as businesses. There is always so much to learn at every stage of a business’s life – and as the old saying goes ‘fail to learn, learn to fail’…or in other words, you absolutely have to keep learning in order to thrive and keep up in today’s business world! Business Skills Studio wants to help you thrive via our online resources, webinars, our memberships and the support we give you.

Q – If I become a BSS member, what will I get for my money?

There are three levels of membership, free, Business Pro and Board Room. Which membership is right for you depends on how much tailored and personal support you would like from me. Everyone can afford a free membership where you will benefit from access to our free resource bank, regular updates via email, advice, motivation, tips and tools. More in-depth personalised skills support and access to Miranda via online webinar meetings is available through the Business Pro and Board Room memberships.

Q – What qualifies Miranda to help me?

What is that would prove to you that your business can be transformed if you find the right person to work with you, to guide you, prompt you and nudge you in the right direction? Is it qualifications, experience or what other clients say? Have a read of Miranda’s story and read our success stories. Miranda is a qualified training professional and is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. She has qualifications in NLP, adult teaching and is an accredited Multiple Braining Coach. If you need more proof – then drop us a line and we will do our best to answer any questions you have about Miranda’s suitability to support you.

Q – If I buy a membership, can I cancel it if I don’t want it to continue?

Of course you can! If you sign up for a membership we sincerely hope you find it has been one of the best business decisions you’ve made. If, however, it isn’t for you or you don’t find it helpful, then please cancel. No strings, no notice period. We would appreciate you letting us know if there is something we can do to improve – and if you have a complaint, then please let us know so that we can address the issue!

Q – Why do you sometimes ask for my email address before I can access free resources?

Well – this is where the give and take comes in! Business Skills Studio aspires to become an incredible resource centre and community of support for ambitious entrepreneurs like you. We are happy and prepared to share, share, share our very best stuff with you. But sometimes we would like something in return. With some of our resources we ask for an affordable payment to reflect the time that has been invested in creating the resource and with our free resources we see your email address as a fair exchange for freely sharing some of our best loved business templates. Having your email address means we can build a relationship with you, help you more often, share more good stuff with you and keep in touch. You know that you can unsubscribe at ANY TIME – we know what its like ourselves…you sign up for stuff and then you keep getting mailed. Our aim is to give you amazing business tools, tips and techniques. If you get sick of them – then just unsubscribe. We won’t cry, honest!