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Marketing Planner
Marketing Planner – essential for planning the right marketing activity to achieve the right outcome
Marketing Calendar
Marketing Calendar – ensure that your marketing is consistent and regular
Promotional Pillars Planner
Promotional Pillars Planner – work out the right way to promote your business to the people in your target market
The 4 P’s of marketing
The 4 P’s of marketing – wondering what marketing is really all about? This explains it….
social media planner
Social Media Planner – avoid wasting time messing about on social media using this useful planner
Using Persuasion In Selling
Using Persuasion In Selling – the psychology of persuasion made simple for you
branding made simple
Branding Made Simple – your step by step guide to establishing a strong, consistent brand
20 Free & Low Cost Marketing Tools
20 Free & Low Cost Marketing Tools – my favourite free and low cost marketing resources
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how to get more done
How To Get More Done – if your to-do list is growing and you need to clear your head, try this tip
get control of your time
Get Control Of Your Time – take control of your time a week at a time and massively improve your productivity!
business plan on a page
Business Plan On A Page – having your business plan written and clear in your mind is vital to success.
preparing to negotiate
Preparing To Negotiate – before you start negotiating, get prepared using this simple 3-step process
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getting started with mindfulness
How To Quieten A Busy Mind – a short introduction to using Mindfulness & the benefits for business
the imporantace of why
The Importance Of Why – confused, muddled, unclear? Here’s a short tutorial to help you refocus
the power of positivity
Power Of Positivity – when the going gets tough, the tough sort out their mindset – here’s how!