Get Control Of Your Time

Get Control Of Your Time

Are you juggling a lot in your life and finding it hard to get on top of everything?

I developed a handy resource for some of my clients who were telling me that they were juggling too many different priorities in their week, and finding it hard to stay in control!

The problem seemed to be that they were squeezing in different demands, all of which were arguing to be the priority! It was leaving my clients feeling frazzled and stressed, because in order to get everything done (work, school pick up, house chores, exercise) they were often working late into the evenings and at weekends.

When you have a multitude of priorities to juggle in your life and a business to manage too, there is only one thing for it.

Get in control of your time!

I sat with a mentee during one session and drew up a time planner on paper to represent his week. We had columns to represent the days of the week and lines to represent the hours available during the day. Then we started blocking out time that he could NEVER be available in his business because of other pressing priorities (such as picking up children from school or nursery). Once we had blocked out all the time that he could never be available for business, we had a much clearer picture of his available hours. And guess what – there were fewer hours than he had dared imagine.

Once we knew where his available hours for business were, we could allocate the most important tasks each week to specific slots in his time planner. There was a time every day for doing his most vital fee earning work; there was also time allocated each day for dealing with correspondence. We also blocked out time for exercise, because this is something that can often fall by the wayside when we get busy.

Based on that original planner that was hastily sketched out on paper I have designed a simple blank time planner template below for you to download– it is an Excel document so that you can save it to your own folders and then use and adapt to suit your needs.

Get Control Of Your Time excel

I’ve also recorded a short video tutorial for you too, which explains how the time planner works and I explain how other clients are using it to get control over their time and to massively boost their productivity each week!

I really hope that using this simple time planner template will be helpful for you. Some of my clients use it every week to plan their week in advance. It keeps them focused on their goals, ensures that the most important things are scheduled and prevents time wasting. Remember – its never too late to learn new skills that will help you build an amazing business. Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

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