Run to success

I don’t know about you, but as the chimes of New Year faded, my social media feeds seemed to be crammed full of various posts inviting me to get on board with different challenges, programmes or workshops, all promising to help me achieve my ‘best year yet’. Some of these posts related to getting the mindset for success, others promised me the formula for success, one or two promised me a few special secrets of success.

Firstly – I see these posts every year, with the same promises and I’m wondering whether it is the same crowd who sign up every year! I’ll admit it – I have been in that crowd! All it takes is a good copywriter and a picture that resonates with me and I’m thinking ‘well it is worth a go’…Before I know it I’ve signed up for something that’s free, I’m on someone’s distribution list, and for some inexplicable reason I often don’t actually even (a) read the free download (b) watch the free webinar or (c) complete the free online programme. Another year goes by with good intentions fading fast, and then it is New Year and off I go again…a marketer’s dream!

Well – this year I decided to make things a lot simpler for myself and my clients. I think aiming for your best year yet is a good place to start as the year gets underway, but it takes more than vaguely wanting a ‘best year’ and signing up for a few freebies to make it happen. Here are the things that I think will actually help you (and me) to achieve our best year in our businesses.

1. Define what you mean by ‘best’.

What does that actually look like or mean? With my clients I often ask the question, ‘If we were sitting in December and discussing the amazing year you’ve had, what would be different to now?’ Defining your ‘best year’ works well as a big picture statement and acts as a starting point in helping your brain to accept and believe you can make it happen.

2. Identify the most important thing you need to achieve this year.

I take inspiration from the book ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, and I try to drill down to what is the single most important thing that, if achieved, would make everything else easier to achieve? I have a ‘most important thing’ for this year – and I’ve defined it clearly by saying what will happen and by when, how big it is and what it will enable me to do as a result.

3. And are there other things?

Maybe these aren’t quite as significant as your ‘most important thing’, but few of us are only trying to reach only one goal at a time in our businesses, it is OK to be specific about a number of other, smaller but also significant things that you want to achieve this year. Again, these need to be defined clearly and specifically with dates and measurable aspects.

4. Check – are you excited and motivated to achieve these things?

Consider your ‘most important’ and ‘other’ things and check how you feel about achieving them. Do you feel energised and pleased when you imagine that you’ve achieved them? Do they give you a good feeling and make you feel proud? To be honest, if they don’t, then you will probably find they are still outstanding at the end of the year. Again. If you are feeling resistance or demotivated about them, explore what you could do, who you could speak to or where you could go to get more support and make it easier for yourself.

5. Now identify the actions that will help you achieve these things.

For your ‘most important’ and ‘other’ things, list everything that you can do right now, or this week, to move yourself a step or two closer and diarise those actions now.

6. Commit to those actions now.

I repeat! Commit to those actions now. Why not get started now? Get actions that don’t need to be done now scheduled in your diary. If you aren’t going to take action now, make sure that you aren’t procrastinating or avoiding the inevitable in some way! Seriously – it is that kind of behaviour that has stopped you from making great progress before – and this year is going to be your BEST YET, remember? So, you need to change the way you behave and get on with stuff.

I really hope these simple steps will help you to achieve your best year yet. I’m already well on the way to achieving my ‘most important’ thing, and some ‘other’ things are bubbling away nicely. It is these steps that are making things happen. Good luck and let me know if I can help you at all.