How to use a Marketing Calendar

Marketing Calendar

Is maintaining consistent and regular marketing activity easier said than done?

I come across this quite regularly. Business owners only get stuck into marketing in their spare time, when they aren’t tied up with meetings and core business activity. This is a big mistake as anyone who is experiencing the ‘feast’ and ‘famine’ syndrome will know! What do I mean by feast and famine? Well – it is when you are either over-run with work and earning good money, or quiet and wondering when the next paid work is coming along.

Feast and famine is not a good business model! Honest!

Planning and delivering regular and consistent marketing activity is ESSENTIAL for your business to generate constant leads and for cash-flow to become easier to manage. Only getting around to marketing when you having nothing left to do is definitely not a good way to run your business. So how can you make sure that you have regular and consistent marketing activity taking place?

Use this Marketing Calendar

I strongly recommend that you first take a look at the Marketing Planner template that is available here for you. This will help you work out which marketing activities will help you to achieve your marketing objectives. Your activity will be focused and targeted. I then recommend that you use the Marketing Calendar template below to make sure that all the vital marketing activities that you identify on your planner are scheduled throughout the year. There is a downloadable template here for you so that you can take a copy for yourself and start using it right away. Just click on the template and you will be able to save it to your own files.

marketing calendar

Here too is a short video tutorial that talks you through the main points of the Marketing Calendar and shows you how you can use it to schedule your marketing activity across the whole year, and not just when you think about it!

After you’ve watched the tutorial you will be ready to start putting your own calendar of activity together. If you have any questions at all, please send a message by contacting me here and I will do my very best to help you.

Remember – its never too late to learn new skills that will help you build an amazing business. The video tutorial is only a few minutes long, but it has some tips that could transform the results you get from your marketing. Good luck!

You can find more free resources to help you build your business here, all with my compliments 🙂