The Power of Positivity

Power Of Positivity

I run a strategic business development group called Adeptio & a few months ago the members and I spent a morning exploring the effect of a positive mindset on our minds, our bodies and our businesses!

We spent some time acknowledging that as business owners we have downs as well as ups to deal with, but we also agreed that it is how we think about the ‘downs’ that made the biggest difference to how much success we enjoy and how we feel about our businesses a lot of the time.

Based on the findings from the work we did at this Adeptio session I’ve put together a free downloadable Power of Positivity worksheet so that you can:

1. Identify your mind set challenges & the associated limiting thoughts that can affect your feelings and performance.
2. Turn any negative thoughts into performance enhancing thoughts so that you learn to manage your own state and stay positive and productive.

Click below to access your free Power of Positivity worksheet.

Power of Positive

Like everything else, it takes time to develop new skills and positive habits that will help you in your business. The idea with positive thinking is that every time you notice yourself having a negative or limiting thought, you immediately replace it with something positive. In time, the positivity becomes a habit. Remember – its never too late to learn new skills that will help you build an amazing business. Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

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