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Preparing To Negotiate | Business Skills Studio

Preparing to Negotiate NEW

Preparing To Negotiate

Do you dread having to talk prices with a customer?

Pricing is one of those topics that many business owners find tricky to talk about. But when I am working with my clients I often find that it isn’t just pricing, it is anything that requires an element of NEGOTIATION that they find tricky. And the reason that business owners hate negotiating? Well, in my experience often it is because they aren’t sure how to go into a negotiation situation with confidence and assurance.

Here is an incredibly useful approach to help you negotiate confidently!

Any unknown situation can fill us with dread! It is fear of the unknown that stresses lots of us out at the end of the day, so anything you can do to deal with this ‘fear’ up front will help you to handle negotiation situations with skill and ease!

In this free short tutorial I introduce a vital part of the planning that will transform your approach to negotiation and reduce some of the fear.

In the tutorial I introduce a three-part planning process that will ensure that you never leave a negotiation regretting anything that you’ve agreed to again. How can I be so sure ? Well, it is because I have been using this three-part approach for years now, and whilst I don’t always leave a negotiation with everything that I wanted to achieve, I always negotiate knowing where my limits lie and what an excellent, good and acceptable outcome looks like.

Download this free short tutorial below and in no time at all you will have improved your approach to negotiation immeasurably! Completing this short tutorial could be worth £000’s to your business! So give yourself ten minutes now to quietly work through the tutorial.


I really hope that using this simple approach to planning your negotiation will boost your confidence and help you to come out of negotiations with massively better outcomes!. Remember – its never too late to learn new skills that will help you build an amazing business. The tutorial will only take you a few minutes to read through and practice, but it has some tips that could transform your business skills. Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

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