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Strategy Sessions | Business Skills Studio

Breakthrough Strategy Sessions

Bring Your Business The Breakthrough Boost You Deserve

You can absolutely build the business you want – without ANY doubt!

You may just need a bit more clarity, focus, a plan to work to and the confidence to get motoring.

Its likely you started with big dreams initially, but the reality hasn’t quite panned out as you’d hoped. What’s going on?

  • You might be realizing that the business landscape has shifted when you weren’t looking, and now you feel left-behind.
  • You just don’t get the leads for work like you used to and you just feel like giving up sometimes.
  • You’ve tried loads of things but nothing is bringing you the breakthrough you need right now.

We’ve all felt like this at times – that feeling of ‘should I just go and get a job?’ or ‘maybe I’m not cut out for this after all’.

But do you know what…success is business is yours if you want it. It isn’t just reserved for special people with special skill sets. All you need to do is to work out a new approach. Which is where I can help you.

Imagine looking at your business with new eyes, renewed enthusiasm and the confidence and clarity to work out a fresh approach.

Would you like to wake up tomorrow feeling excited about your business again? Would you like to start implementing a new strategy that delivers what you need right now? What if you knew that you were on the right path and that things were going to start to get better…MUCH better?

A Breakthrough Strategy Session with me might be the only thing that is holding you back from getting your business to the next level.

It involves me working intensively with you to pinpoint exactly what steps you need to take right now to achieve the step-change you are looking for. We will delve into the ins and outs of your business and will work out a strategy to give you the boost you need.

I met Miranda through a recommendation from a local networking group, after just a few minutes talking to Miranda and explaining my business idea she was already inspiring me and providing me with invaluable information and pointing me in the right direction. As a business mentor Miranda’s experience and motivational support was truly inspiring as I felt I lacked direction. Having helped get my business on track I will certainly be looking to invest in her courses in the near future

Dan Ward, ‘Be a Local’ Mobile Apps

What exactly will happen?

Your Breakthrough Strategy Session will take place via a 90 minute intensive coaching call (telephone, Skype, Facetime – whichever you prefer), at a time when you will be uninterrupted and can focus 100% on your business. If you live close-by, we might even be able to arrange to meet face to face at my skills studio.

Afterwards I will write back to you with your personalized Power Plan – which will summarise what we’ve discussed along with clear step-by-step actions to take. I will share my own resources and tools, to help you implement your actions straightaway.

We will stay in touch by email and you can continue to bounce ideas around with me, or ask unlimited questions for a full two-week period afterwards. If you want to use me to keep you on track, then I can be your accountability partner, checking in every few days to ensure you are on track and completing the actions we’ve agreed!

If you have lost your confidence, your mojo has gone walkabout and you’re not clear on which direction to take things then NOW is the time to sort it out. Are you going to carry on trying to sort this out on your own or is it time to invest in yourself and your business?


I can’t really afford to pay for help – shouldn’t I be able to sort this out on my own?

You can carry on trying to sort it out on your own if you like…but lots of highly successful business people use mentors or coaches because they realize they need back up and new perspectives. The way to look at this investment is in terms of the huge business benefit you will experience afterwards as a result.

Can I really get a breakthrough from just one session?

Ohhhhh yes! You would be amazed about the insights that my clients have uncovered during even shorter sessions with me. All you need is someone giving you 100% of their focus, someone who really listens and knows what questions to ask in order for the essential steps forward to emerge.

What if I want to carry on receiving your help beyond 2 weeks after the session?

One of the traits of successful entrepreneurs is that they take action straightaway. Hence I include the 2 week follow up period with my support to make sure you get stuck in and don’t procrastinate.

If you want further one-off strategy breakthrough sessions then you can book these whenever you like. Or you might like to move onto one of the Business Skills Studio membership options for some ongoing monthly support as part of the membership group. Alternatively, you can apply to become one of my mentees (places are limited due to diary constraints!) I only work with mentees who have shown 100% commitment to learning new approaches and who show ambition and desire to achieve their goals. If you are that person then we will be a great fit for each other.

“Miranda’s support and mentorship of Equart’s project to build assistive technology for blind performers has been fantastic.

She has introduced me to key people, and at her suggestion I attended her Business growth group ‘Adeptio’ which, helped build my business skills and form helpful strategies and plans for the future.

Miranda’s carefully thought out business seminars don’t just skim the surface of the challenges that face businesses today, they places depth charges to clear out the dross and mine the gold of clear intention and focussed thinking.”

Virginia Blakey, Director, Equart

How much does a Breakthrough Strategy Session cost?

There is a one-off investment of £149+VAT. Remember what you get for this: a full intensive 90 minute 1-1 consultation; a personal Power Plan with clear step by step actions; a full 14 days of follow up support by email; use of any of my resources or tools that I feel will strengthen your plan.

What happens after I have bought the Breakthrough Strategy Session?

As soon as I receive notification that you would like to have a session with me I will send you a Q&A to complete. This will give me the low down on you and your business so that I am fully prepared for our session.

We will agree a date and time for your session – and within 48 hours (usually less) you will receive your personalized Power Plan, so that you can get implementing that new strategy and start seeing some great results!

Drop us an email for more information by clicking the link below.

Strategy Session Enquiry