Abbi Kirby

Creative Facilitator & Researcher

How would you describe the position of your business prior to signing up for Miranda’s mentoring?

I’d set-up my business nearly two years before I got in touch with Miranda. This was sufficient time to test my core target market and know I needed to make some changes. My contacts and level of work had grown over the two years however I’d expected income generation to be quicker. Overall, I felt I was working really hard with little financial return. Consequently, I was questioning areas of business services and processes that needed refining or hacking! This meant that I needed to reassess my position both in the marketplace and my within my offer. I hired Miranda to facilitate this stage of growth.

What was the reason you decided to commit to regular mentoring with Miranda?

I have a few reasons which evolved over time. Ever since I moved to Gloucestershire, I’ve been looking for a business mentor but before I invested I needed to feel assured that there was a need for my services. So, a combination of testing the market, building my network and getting contracts led me to the point where my earnings could pay for her expertise. These were key drivers to appointing a business mentor. For myself, a strong factor to invest in business mentoring is being able to afford it.

Why I chose Miranda as opposed to someone else was simply likeability factor; I respect her style of working and the way in which she communicates, so I felt comfortable getting in touch to find out if business mentoring with her was an option.

After an initial conversation, the next reason that helped me commit to regular sessions with Miranda was her ability to quickly understand the  position of my business. Her pertinent questions and deft responses made me feel certain that her expertise would facilitate the next steps of business growth really well.

As my business mentor Miranda raises interesting questions and offer perspectives I haven’t considered, ensuring I have a 360 degree grip on all aspects within the business. This steers focus.

What are the best things you have learned as a result of the mentoring – or the best things that have happened to your business since working with Miranda?

It’s having accountability & knowing that someone else is there to check that I’ve done what I say I’m going to do!

How would you describe the position of your business a year after the mentoring started?

Undoubtedly stronger – for multiple reasons. My approach to business has become more confident since hiring Miranda, in ways such as; developing my service offer, costing and negotiation, website copy, authenticity, personal branding, networking, marketing and sales strategies. I feel on-track.

What makes Miranda stand out as a business mentor?

It’s Miranda herself! I attended a workshop she was running and really enjoyed it. It was eighteen months later when I got in touch to talk about possible mentoring. Even after that amount of time, I still remembered her and that her workshop was great, so she was memorable. She made sense. Also, in her workshop she’d mentioned that she started her own business when her two boys were young. I could identify with that so there was an emotional appeal as well. That initial experience of her workshop did make a significant impact to me wanting to hire her.

How much has your business grown as a result of mentoring?

I have grown professionally and personally through working with Miranda and my business income is increasing year on year. The value of contracts is increasing and I am seeing better profitability. There is still work to do as I have been redefining my business services and will shortly be launching my new website too, which is a much closer reflection of who I am and what I am selling.