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Forest Traders | Business Skills Studio

Jo Davies

Forest Traders

How would you describe the position of your business prior to Miranda mentoring you?

I started Forest Traders with no professional experience of marketing or knowledge of how to run a business. It grew extremely fast, a lost faster than anticipated and was at times out of control and requiring every possible hour I had to work on it. Whilst the journey was very exciting, it also at times felt overwhelming and I needed some support.

What was the reason you decided to use Miranda as a mentor?

There’s no denying Miranda has a wealth of knowledge about how to successfully run a business. She always knows when to give me praise, sympathy or a kick in the right direction! I always feel like Miranda will give me the guidance I need or tools to work the answers out for myself. She makes me look at things with a different perspective, something that is incredibly important when you run your own business.

What are the best things you have learned as a result of Miranda’s support- or the best things that have happened to your business since working with her?

The best things I’ve learnt are how to surround yourself with positive people who want you to succeed and also to believe in myself. I often sit back and think “how did this happen?” but it’s amazing what hard work and the right guidance can do for you in such a short amount of time. Miranda has taught me to stand out in the crowd, shout about my business, be different and be proud!

How would you describe the position of your business since Miranda has been working with you?

Forest Traders has been growing and more importantly, retaining customers. I have added new elements including training and networking nights – all spurred on by my love of helping people. Miranda helps me to unleash new ideas and grow my customer base and profile within the area.

In your opinion what makes Miranda stand out as a business mentor & trainer?

Miranda has so much care for everyone she mentors & trains. I always feel I can email her with anything, however small a question or thought it may be and she will help me as those small things often get in the way of moving your business forward. She has a wonderful knack of knowing if in the situation she needs to be sensitive over the topic or give you the push you need to work through it. I couldn’t imagine talking to anyone else to help my business.

How has your business or you changed for the better since Miranda’s mentoring & training?

My income grew by 475% in year 2 and am on target to increase again in year 3 which is excellent! In personal terms, the growth of myself and my confidence has been even a higher percentage. Miranda has given me belief in myself, with her helping me, I know I can achieve everything I want to!