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IS Digital Marketing | Business Skills Studio

Ian Spencer

IS Digital Marketing Ltd

How would you describe the position of your business prior to signing up for Miranda’s mentoring?

Stable but lacking any real direction. Time management was an issue for me and I was afraid of letting go of ‘time hindering’ customers. I knew things needed to improve to make the business continually viable for the next few years, but I wasn’t sure how to address this. Focus and commitment were probably two other areas that concerned me.

What was the reason you decided to commit to regular mentoring with Miranda?

Working on your own is not only lonely, but it also means you often get wrapped in the wrong things or at least the things that do not really improve your business. Having known Miranda for many years and hearing glowing testimonials from other private mentor clients, it was a pretty simple decision to get Miranda on board with my company. I needed help to steer things in the right direction and to really see things clearly, I knew Miranda had the skill set to easily assist me with this.

What have been the best things you have learned as a result of the mentoring – or the best things that have happened to your business since working with Miranda?

Time management was a key thing that once solved, improved the business immediately. Campaign planning and moving forward to attract more clients, which within 3 months has happened as I am now getting the customers I want and not chasing the ones I do not. Firm belief in yourself is something Miranda continually places emphasis on, and she is so right.

How would you describe the position of your business after several mentoring sessions?

Much improved, more work coming in, enquiries up and I am much happier with the business now.

What makes Miranda stand out as a business mentor?

Everything. The passion, knowledge, skills and enthusiasm she brings to the business is unreal. She is straight to the point and doesn’t hold back. I really couldn’t ask for much more. I do not think you can just pick one stand out thing, as it is the package as a whole that combines so many aspects that makes her easily the best mentor or business coach in the South West and probably further afield.

How much has your business grown as a result of mentoring?

Business has probably doubled in the space of a few months and I feel more confident to continue, rather than take the “easy” option and go employed. I have potential pipeline contracts that if they land will transform the business.