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The Chocolate Strawberry | Business Skills Studio

Sarah Jones

The Chocolate Strawberry

How would you describe the position of your business prior to signing up for support via Miranda’s strategic business forum, Adeptio?

Coasting along without a huge amount of direction. I was working hard everyday, but not always effectively. I was taking on anything that was offered to me and changing direction constantly, just to be working.

What was the reason you decided to commit to joining Adeptio (strategic business forum)?

I was just tired of working for next to nothing and couldn’t see a way out. By having goals created regularly, I have to concentrate and be targeted in my approach.

What are the best things you learned as a result of being part of Adeptio – or the best things that have happened to your business since working with Miranda.

Realising what success means to me, it’s not just financial. I have taken more notice of what is going on in my family life too and making my work fit in better with that.

I also realised I wasn’t paying any attention to my life more than about 12 months ahead. Looking at longer term plans has helped me make clearer decisions in the short term too.

How would you describe the position of your business since joining Miranda’s strategic group?

Much more stable. There’s much less fire-fighting going on and I can look at the year ahead with much more confidence and a fuller diary.

What makes Miranda stand out as a business mentor?

For me it’s the fact that she has seen it and done it from the very bottom up. She hasn’t forgotten what it feels like to be struggling for cash and balancing a young family with a growing business.

I had found in other business groups that people might use terms like ‘It’s only a couple of hundred quid, it’s a no brainer’ completely forgetting that once they found it hard to find £200 to spending on advertising or similar.

How much has your business grown as a result of taking part regularly in Adeptio strategic forum?

I would say that my business growth has been steadily increasing every month since joining. My diary is fuller with work that pays more.
My confidence has grown to price work appropriately and not beat myself up too much if I don’t get a job, usually a better paying one will fall into it’s place almost straight away!

I have learnt to value my own time and recognise skills that I had taken for granted.

By being part of the group with Miranda I have found my USP – it was me, I had it all along, I just didn’t appreciate it. Rather than doubting myself as a tutor now, I realise that people feel at ease in my classes and that helps them produce work that they are pleased with. I try to make every student fee like a friend for the day and the best bit has been that some of them have gone to become real friends too.

My working life is less solitary now with the changes that I have made and that has helped me be much happier too.