The Importance Of Why

The Importance Of Why

I’ve created a worksheet for you to use if ever you start feeling confused, overwhelmed or unfocused in your business. Clear thinking enables you to create clear focus and to take clear actions. Without clear thought everything else tends to get a bit muddled, so it is really important to step away from the confusion sometimes and to find a simple way to refocus your thinking.

This worksheet will help you to refocus your thoughts about your current business situation. The ideas for the worksheet come from a great talk that was given by Simon Sinek at TEDx several years ago; his talk is on the internet and during the talk he asks some great questions that really help you to get clarity about why you set up your business, why your business matters and why customers should sit up and listen to you! The short version of Simon Sinek’s talk is here, so I do recommend you watch this and then use my worksheet to apply the key points to your business.

In this worksheet I will get you to think about your ‘why’, so that you can then communicate this more coherently to your customers. Your marketing messages will be stronger and you will be more memorable if your purpose is clear and confident. The three questions to ask are Why, How and What…in that order. If you are wondering why the questions are in that order then you need to download the worksheet here!

The Importance Of Why download

Watching this short video and working through the little worksheet will completely transform your mindset about why your business exists and why customers will want to pay attention to you! Remember – its never too late to learn new skills that will help you build an amazing business. Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

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