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Often when we think about success, we fall into the habit of defining it in very limited terms, usually financial. It is difficult not to really…especially since in business, it is increasing sales and profitability that usually indicates whether a business is successful or not.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with defining success in terms of £’s or $’s. It is just that success can appear in different forms and be equally as impressive. In businesses of all shapes and sizes, success can be defined in a number of ways and if we only concentrate on one measure, we could fail to appreciate the very many other indicators of success that will be there, if we look carefully enough.

As a small business owner it is particularly important to look at more than one measure of success in your business. The £’s are important of course. But with no-one else to give you feedback on your performance, it could be very demoralizing to fail to recognize how you have performed well in other ways.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage you to look back at 2015 and to evaluate the year in a number of different ways so that you are better equipped to identify your successes and draw learning from the year.

Here are six different ways to help you rate your year:

1. Let’s start with the numbers as they are important. How were your sales this year & how have they changed from the year before. Why has this been the case?

2. What new skills have you learnt this year? How have you used them and how can they boost your business in 2016?

Personal Growth
3. Did you try something new this year? What was the impact of this and how can you use this experiment to help you drive your business forwards?

4. What lessons did you learn this year? What happened and what have you learned as a result?

5. What new marketing activity did you try? What were the results like and how will this influence your marketing spend next year?

Customer Base
6. How did you expand your customer base or network? How are you nurturing these new contacts to build loyalty?

Try looking at 2015 under these 6 headings and reflect on the questions. There will be plenty of successes hidden in there that maybe you haven’t fully acknowledged. The important thing of course is to recognise the success, reflect on it and draw learning so that you can set goals that will help you towards an even better year next year.