Run to success

I know that you know this, but I feel I need to point out that five months of the year have passed, and we are nearly half way through this year.

Back in January in those distant & dark months, you will have begun the year with some ideas of what you wanted to be different in your business this year. You will have had some specific goals no doubt, some general areas where you want to improve and maybe, just maybe you had something HUGE that you wanted to achieve this year. Let’s call this your ‘biggie’!

The business owners that are members of my Adeptio Strategic Forum started their year by imagining that they had in fact completed the year…and that it was December. They were invited to imagine what would have happened in their business during 2016 for it to have been a truly incredible year.

They focused their thoughts and their energies on the specific achievements that they would be proud to tell the world that they’d achieved this year. And then they set about defining some measurable aspects to these achievements…things like ‘how many’, ‘exactly when’, ‘how much %’, ‘actual £’s’ and so on. From this it then became possible to put an action plan together, that would ensure that they made an immediate start on working towards these achievements. We asked ‘what do you need to do right now, that will take you one step closer towards this achievement being a reality in 2016?’ And then we asked, ‘what will you need to have implemented within the first three months of the year?’, to ensure that by a quarter of the way through the year, there will have been considerable progress.

So – I know that Adeptio members and many of you will have made an excellent start to the year. But is this first burst of energy and enthusiasm being sustained? It is very easy as the year unfolds to get distracted, to lose momentum and to settle back into a ‘plod’. Before you know it we will be at the end of the year, and you will again be resigning yourself to not having achieved what you wanted to achieve. Come on! Let’s do this differently!!

Here are five and a half questions to help you conduct your mid-year review… to refocus you on your goals for the year, to get you motivated again and to define immediate actions that will get you back on track. Grab a pen and your notebook and take twenty minutes to complete this reflective activity:

1. If there was one thing you could achieve this year in your business, that would make everything else seem less important, what would that be?

2. What regular actions have you taken to achieve that one thing in the first half of the year?

3. What are you not doing regularly, that you know you need to do regularly in your business? Get your diary out and commit to do it NOW!

4. What improvements would you like to make in your business this year? Write them down and be VERY specific about what you would like to have, that you don’t have now.

5. What do you need to learn, who do you need to speak to, how do you need to change, in order to achieve your ‘biggie’ and the other improvements that you’ve listed?

The extra ‘half’ a question came as part of question 5 because I asked ‘what’ ‘who’ and ‘how’ within the same question (naughty naughty..)!

If you take just 20 minutes to focus your thoughts and to clarify where you want to take your business this year and some specific actions to get you started, you will feel rejuvenated, motivated and your business will accelerate forwards. Let me know how you get on!